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Windows Mobile Development - Screen Size Limitations

The impact of different screen form factors on Windows Mobile Development

Screen Sizes

Different Windows Mobile devices have different resolutions and screen sizes. Typically the screen color depth varies between 12 bit (4096 colors) and 32 bit color utilizing a 240 x 320 or 480 x 640 (VGA) resolution; although there are other form factors as seen below. Most modern Windows Mobile devices have the capability to seamlessly switch between landscape and portrait mode.

Windows Mobile screen sizes

Impact of Screen Size on Development

The limited (and varied) screen form factors make it difficult to design one set of intuitive mobile forms. It isn't practical or feasible to create different forms for different resolutions. The challenge for Windows Mobile developers is to build a set of mobile forms that cater for different screen sizes yet at the same time remain intuitive and navigable.

Architecting a "one size fits all" solution requires the mobile forms to be dynamically built (on the fly); however this approach is somewhat dependent on the CPU performance and available memory of the target device.

 of the device.also calls for better requires more  dependent upon requires considerable experience and that works for all sizes without becoming too diluted or too compromised.

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