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Pocket PC - Color Button Control This article will help you get up and running with the Color Button Control we sell in the DEVBUZZ Store. For a limited time we have the Color Button Control in our store for $9.95. It's incredibly easy to use, comes with full Visual Studio design-time support and will make your Pocket PC applications much more attractive.
Pocket PC Installer We drag ourselves to the office each day, write our beautiful looking .Net CF applications, and finally, when that big day arrives - the code is finished, the QA department has stopped hassling us about the number of outstanding bugs, and we're ready to turn it into an easy-to-deploy installation package.. errr... oh heck. How little work can we put into this without having to talk every user through installing a set of .cab files onto their device, in a particular order ? Shall we just write a quick Word doc and leave it to our Support guys...? It seems amazing that PocketPC development has been going on for this many years, yet there still isn't a de-facto way of bundling up our PocketPC .cab files into some kind of easy-to-deploy installer.
Running state machines based Win32/WinCE programs Many concurrent, distributed or real-time applications has to tightly co-work with other objects, which are called service providers. A service is formally specified by a set of primitives (operations) available to service users (applications). These primitives describe some action or report on an action taken by a peer component/entity to be performed. The service primitives can be classified into four categories: request, indication, response and confirm. This article describes how to run state machine application framework based Win32/WinCE programs using window message hooking technology.
Using replication on a SQL Server Database Merge replication is ideally suited to portable devices because it allows data to be updated autonomously on the portable device and the server. The data can later be merged when the device is connected to an instance of SQL Server. Server CE synchronizes with SQL Server by establishing an HTTP connection to the SQL Server Publisher through Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
Accessing a remote SQL Server using SQLClient The Compact Framework has the ability to access SQL Server 2000 databases from the handheld device. This is a very powerful tool for developers, as it allows real-time access to corporate data, in a secure environment. The handheld can be connected to the network using a wireless Ethernet connection, or using a GPRS connection. This means that corporate data can be made available to authorized employees wherever they can get access. A salesman ‘on the road’ can connect to the office, and get the latest stock figures to ensure he has enough stock to fulfill an order. This article will show how to connect to a remote database, and retrieve data, using Visual Basic .NET to demonstrate access.
Learn from the Experts at MEDC 2006 Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2006, May 8 – 11 in Las Vegas, is where the top members of the application development, device development, and IT professional community gather to collaborate and gain hands-on knowledge that can’t be learned in any book, white paper, or webcast.
SQLCEDBView Together with .Net CF, they make writing apps for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) devices incredibly easy. The one thing that's missing is a way to view & edit your SQLCE tables, and add sample data to them, without having to tap away manically at your device's screen. Well folks, I think it's about time to fill that gap...
RESCO MobileSales .NET – a modern way of creating mobile UI The user interface is an integral part of each business software application and in many cases a quality user interface plays the key role in success and popularity of the application. The main goal of this article is to show a modern way of developing stylish and easy-to-use interfaces for mobile sales force automation applications in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and .NET Compact Framework.
A Powerful New Grid Control Optimized for the .NET Compact Framework The grid control is a standard component of almost every desktop and mobile application and although Visual Studio .NET includes the DataGrid control, its functionality is very limited and usage quite problematic especially in mobile application projects. The Resco SmartGrid .NET is a powerful control designed specifically for mobile devices. In addition to the standard grid functionality the SmartGrid supports advanced graphics features such as column and cell customizations as well as very efficient data handling. In this article Radomir presents the basic features of this control and the way SmartGrid works in a smart device application project. To this end I will create a sample form which loads product sales data from a SQLCE database and displays them in a stylish grid complete with graphics and customized cells.
How to make your application work together with other GPS software Handheld computers are increasingly being hooked up to GPS devices, and the number of GPS-enabled applications is steadily increasing. This leads to a situation where several applications might be competing for a single GPS connection on a device. This article describes an easy and fast way to write wll-mannered GPS applications that can run alongside less considerate popular navigational software. So how do you do it, if you don’t want your users to have to close down one program to allow another to access a single GPS device? Sharing your GPS with other applications can be quite a challenge, and far from all applications are written with that scenario in mind.
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